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Let me get straight to the point: "They're Coming", as spoken by Jacob, is referring to the ALT 815'ers. They will all "return" to the island - I don't know exactly how, whether another Oceanic Flight, the Ajira flight (presumably catching the same flight that they did in season 5 would mean they'd also pass over the island) or some other means... but here's my thinking:-

1. Jack will fix Locke's back. Could him fixing Locke's back be the reason that Locke's back on-island is fixed?;

2. Rose will be cured. Someone will, in a future episode, cure Rose's cancer off-island;

3. Sun will be pregnant. From Jin. And he will impregnate her off-island.

Now... something other loose ends that I think add a little weight to this idea:-

"the whispers"... any of our "original" Losties that remain alive, due to space-time-continuum issues (for Doctor Who fans), won't be visible to the Alt-Losties. They can "kind of" be heard - but only as "whispers" which the Alt-Losties will never understand.

"Jacob"... I'm not sure how but I believe that Jacob will be back.

Some people will also need to come to the island to "clean things up"... imprisoning Smokey/MIB, reinstalling the sonic barriers, etc etc... making sure that the Alt-815'ers won't immediately just be killed.

Anyway... these last things are just speculation - I could go on but I'm only introducing holes to my theory by doing so... I am strongly starting to believe, though, that the Alt-815'ers will be coming to the island.

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