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My crack pot theory:

So... We know that they are all candidates for being the next Jacob now.

And that Sawyer is on the side of MIB or going to be by the looks of it.

which means that fate determined jack is going to be the new Jacob.

and as for Kate well, shes not on the list, but she was touched which means that she is special and had something to do with this ending, AND WHAT TO OTHER GUYS HAS SHE BEEN PLAYING WITH AND MANIPULATING THE WHOLE TIME??? Jack AND Sawyer

TAAA DAAA! That's Kate's purpose in the eyes of Jacob.

love it right?

Its gonna be awesome!!

P.S. I am a Kate fan and I hope she gets a good storyline and doesn't die off any sooner then the other two main character in her circle.

P.P.S RIP Juliet - also one of my favs


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