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Ok so what if these alt timelines we are seeing in season 6 are not caused by the bomb/incident but rather something that will happen during season six's finale? Because as it stands right now, whatever happened, happened seems to be true since everyone is back in 2007 and the swan is imploded just the way it was left by Desmond. So the incident was always Jack's/Faraday's plan with the bomb. From the point of view of the Dharma folks in 1977, after juliet repeatedly hit the bomb a white light appeared and Jack and company just disappeared, leaving a leaking, damaged hydrogen bomb in an already hostile electromagnetic environment. Thus, the chernobyl scale cementing and the need for the push of a button.

So jumping back to the 2007 timeline, the on-island events of season 6 will eventually lead to a struggle between good and bad characters that will culminate in something that resets time back to 2004. So if you wanted to look at season 6 in a linear fashion, you would watch all of the 2007 on-island events from 6.01 to the finale followed by the alt timeline from 6.01 to the finale.

Whatever event occurs to send them back to 2004 may also explain why the island is now underwater. I'm thinking a major struggle/battle in which many characters die, except for Jack and a few others, that ultimately saves the world and results in the island being submerged. I believe that Jack is the one to do whatever it takes to reset the timeline too.

Damon and Carlton have been saying that flashbacks or flashforwards would be replaced by something completely different this season but they've never actually said it would be an alt timeline that was caused by the bomb at the swan. Instead, it's kind of an alt flash forward. I hope this made sense haha.

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