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Jughead was a dud by Scott Gingold

This just came to me a few minutes ago, but there seems to be enough evidence to suggest that the Jughead bomb did not explode.

As mentioned by Richard, it had been leaking radiation, meaning it wasn't in complete working order.

Roger shot Sayid who was wearing the bomb in his backpack and it didn't go off. Remember how scared Daniel was when his young mother was about to fire a round off near the hanging bomb?

Jack dropped the bomb down the hole and it didn't go off on impact.

Juliet hit the bomb several times before it supposedly exploded.

I say the bomb was a gigantic red herring. That the "alternate time line" had always been there from the very beginning and we may have even seen glimpses of it from the beginning in the form of some of the character's flashbacks we've seen.

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