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A number of people have theorized that Jacob is a manipulative being. They believe he urged Illana to capture Sayid and force him, in handcuffs, on Flight 316. After all, we saw Jacob visit Illana in the hospital, and we heard him ask for her help.

But--and this is important--we don't know what he asked her to do to help him. A straight line is being drawn between the visit asking for help and Illana's kidnapping of Sayid. Yet, a straight line may not exist. We have no proof that there is a direct correlation.

I used to think that Ben used Illana to kidnap Sayid. He desperately wanted Sayid on Flight 316. Eloise had insisted flight 316 should replicate, as much as possible, Flight 815. They ALL (Kate, Sayid, Jack, Hurley, Sun and Locke) had to go back or, as she warned, the results were unpredictable. Ben was willing to make Kate give up Aaron just to get her on the plane, to make her depressed, to take away all she had going for her in the "real world." He always has a plan!

Now I believe Ben didn't make Illana kidnap Sayid. As we saw in the premiere of Season 6, he doesn't recognize her. He says to her in a very challenging way as she stands beside him on the beach: And you are?

So, given the fact that Jacob seems very much into free will, I have asked myself who, besides Ben, would do pretty much anything to stack the deck in his favor. The answer: Widmore.

Remember that Widmore told Locke that it was very, very important to him that our Losties return to the island. And he believes he is the good guy. Ben and Widmore both think they're the good guys. No one else ever makes this statement except Ben and Widmore and those working for them.

Jacob never says he's the good guy. Therefore, I trust him. As Lapidus said: Usually those who keep telling you they're the good guys aren't. Very smart, I thought. Even MIB seems to be implying that he's the good guy because he's set people free from Jacob. And he's disappointed!!! they don't act overjoyed for what he's done for them. Ha.

I look forward to discovering all that Jacob told Illana in the hospital. I want to know what, exactly, constituted her help. Also, I want to find out why she was the only person he visited that we didn't see him touch.

Don't discount Widmore as being willing to do anything to get all of the Losties on the plane. He's proven himself, time and time again, to be a ruthless son of a gun.

But Jacob is, at most, guilty of neglect and a kind of preoccupation with his own thoughts. He is rather bloodless, isn't he? Non-emotional. More like a living/breathing concept than a man.

I hope you'll think about the possibility of Widmore being behind the Illana/Bram gang and the idea of bringing a "candidate" to the party

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