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Is Jacob actually the bad guy? by Recentiy03

I am not necessarily throwing myself into this theory or saying I believe it, but it is certainly worth exploring for a moment.

What are the reasons we like to think Jacob is the good guy and the Man in Black is the bad guy? Jacob wears white and MIB wears black? Jacob is about predestination and getting things done his way (the only way in his mind) and the MIB is about free will. "Jacob is dead. I threw him into the fire. You're free to go now." Were the bodyguards slaves? Were they being forced to serve Jacob like Alpert? MIB judges people and strikes fear into them. MIB is disappointed in the actions of people like an unhappy parent. "I am very disappointed in all of you."

What are general characteristics of God in every religion? God judges. God strikes fear into the hearts of people. God is scary. God wants us to be good. Aren't those all depictions that sound more like the MIB or Smokey than Jacob?

What are general characteristics that we associate with the Devil? Fast talking, seducing, convincing...isn't that exactly what we saw from Jacob in all of his confrontations with the island folk in the S5 finale?

Doesn't L O S T love screwing with our heads and red herrings? I am not saying I think MIB Is the good guy, but it is something that cannot be overlooked.

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