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Ben Is MIB's Richard by 23-shepard

When Locke and Ben walk into Jacob's home in the statue. Jacob says "so you've found you're loophole." Everyone just assumed that he was talking to Flocke. But Ben made it very clear that whoever turns the wheel can never come back to the island.

By murdering Locke (who was still a viable candidate at the time), Ben became the substitute for Locke in taking over for Jacob. That is the loophole I Believe everyone is missing. Benn asks Jacob, "what about me" as to say "why have i been scratched off the list.

I have trouble believing that Ben would go through all the trouble of getting everyone back to the island only to become weak after killing Jacob. Just as the little boy says to Mib, "You can't kill him", because Mib can't kill people on the list or Jacob. But the loophole allows people on the list to kill eachother and also either Jacob or Mib.

My biggest belief is due to the fact that Ben was able to summon the smoke monster to save himself and the others when Keamy was attacking. If Ben was under Jacob, why would he have to summon the mib, or this was what got him scratched off the list. The only way for him to get back on the island was to become the substitute for locke on the flight back.

I know this is kinda all over the place but I believe this has some merit.

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