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Jacob vs. Flocke/MIB by usmc20032002(Nate Hunt)

I've been thinking in depth about the direction in which Lost has been going ending season 5 and begin 6. We know that there is obviously a war that has been going on between the man we know as Jacob and the man who we really don't know much about. The Man in black, Smokey, Fake Locke, whatever you want to call him.

Since the pilot episode, one of the common themes has been the black vs. white. Since back when Locke was actually Locke and the plane had crashed for the first time, the creators of the show have continued to show us the differences in the Backgammon black and white pieces, the title page has always been in B/W, and the B/W numbers in the hatch that need to be reset every 108 minutes to name a few examples. According to Lostpedia, in 2008, executive producer and co-creator Damon Lindelof commented on the use of the black and white theme in the backgammon scene in "Pilot, Part 2", stating: "We did know that when Locke referred to the black and the white, that ultimately that concept was going to be personified by two individuals."

Hearing this comment and being a fan since the premiere of the Pilot episode, I think that I have some idea of what the end will have in store for us. Jacob has his "warriors" at the Temple and is recruiting our friends from the island by visiting Hurley. Flocke is also recruiting for a war. As we saw in the most recent episode, he has appeared to have Sawyer on his side. Until the war is over, Flocke can not go home.

It hit me while thinking about this theory that Widmore, Eloise Hawking, and Ben were banished from the island and I believe that it was Jacob that banished them and Widmore and Hawking are fighting on the side of Flocke. Why else would Eloise convince Jack to take Locke's body back to the Island. MIB needed a proxy to survive on the island and she knew that she could con Jack into helping the "black" team with out him even knowing it. Ben doesn't even realize what is going on and though he aided Flocke in killing Jacob, hasn't picked a team yet to play for.

Since we first met Mr. Paik, I've wondered if he has a connection to the island. When we saw that Kwon was one of the "candidates" I had a feeling in my gut that Paik was at one time on the island. I think that Sun's father is the connection that makes her a candidate for the new Leader of the island. So this is my theory and some thinking out loud. I love this show and can't wait to see what happens in the end. Long live Lost!!

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