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As we know, the island had two seemingly ageless guardians. There was Jacob, and then, the other guy. As it seems now, Jacob is good, the other, evil or dark. While when they interact, they appear civil, it is clear that they are by no means friends, but have a mutual rspect for one another. As we know, there is nothing that the other guy wants more than to kill Jacob, which he cant do.

Two other characters who have a civil relationship, but do not care for one another are Jack and Sawyer. While both might fall into a shade of grey, at least by their pasts, Jacks is lighter, Sawyers darker.

We now know that Jacob was searching for his replacement guardian of the island. Was the other guy searching for his? as far as we can tell, he has taken on Lockes likeness.

However, it would be far more fitting if Jack and Sawyer were to end up in their places, forever on the island together, whether they like it or not. While Jacob was searching for his replacement, could his adversary have been searching for his as well, taking on Lockes body until he does, and thats why he weant to Sawyer?

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