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Jack's New Faith Will Be Tested by Gilmoney

From this point forward, I do not believe Jack will be able to see or talk to Jacob. He will have to put his faith in those that are able to. This is the whole point and what Jacob wants from Jack. In addition, his faith will ultimtaely be tested in some way. I think Claire and Flocke are going to capture Kate, threaten to kill Kate or Jack's other friends and force Jack to become a follower of Flocke and refuse Jacob's offer to become the new protector (which he would ultimately be infected) or Jack will have to let Kate and friend's die and make such a "sacrifice" for the island. Once this fullblooded "man of science" converts to a fullblooded "man of faith" (which I believe his decision has already been made) his spirit returns to the sideways timeline and his life is given a "second chance." Thats why he cannot remember anything prior to getting on Oceanic 815.

side notes

- Kate was on lighthouse wheel and not crossed out as #51
- I think MIB thinks that all candidates are considered to be candidates for the new protector, but I think Jacob labeled candidates but each candidate has a seaparate and specific purpose
- I'm not totally convinced the cave where Flocke brought Sawyer was Jacob's layer. Remember Jacob was killedhe by Ben in his layer. I think the cave was MIB's and he did not have Kate as a candidate for whatever reason.

Let me know what you think; first time poster!

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