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So this is part theory, part speculation, and part open question to everybody. But if properly examined, might negate/reaffirm alot of people's ideas about the ATL.

It seems to me one of the biggest ATL reveals came this week in the form of Jack's teenage son, David. While at first glimpse it might be taken as a nice character story for the doctor, bigger questions come from it.

Let's examine David. It is safe to say he is roughly anywhere from 12-15. He doesn't drive, but has plenty of teen angst. For the sake of this post, I will say he's 14. Which speculates that Jack had him when he was roughly 20-21. (It's 2004. 2004-14=1990. Jack is estimated to be born around 1970.)

This means, in the ATL, David was born in 1990. Concieved in 1989. This is over 10 years before Jack even meets Sarah, so throw her out as the mom. But maybe thats not even important...

What is more important is that, if you believe the "ATL" is really an Alternate Time Line, you can site that things are different for our characters starting as far back as 1989 (roughly).

So does this mean that detonating the bomb in 1977, set forth a string of events that led a young Jack Sheppard to have a child in his early 20's? I suppose, if you believe the ATL is a direct result of their jughead actions.

I personally am in the "ATL is a previous attempt" group. But for those who think it's a true ATL, it is some more to chew on I guess...

P.S. Please spare me any "this isnt anything new" comments. I dont have time to read every single theory.

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