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Kate is a blind spot for the MIB by Markm

I have been thinking about the differences between MIB's cave and Jacob's lighthouse. For one, to get to the cave you had to "descend" down into it, crossing a path that was very perilous. As opposed to the lighthouse in which you ascended, to a place of light.

I think it is safe to say that if both MIB and Jacob are watching the castaways, then the cave is MIB's tally and the lighthouse Jacob's. Why they were regulated to them we don't know.

However, in MIB's cave Kate's name was nowhere to be found. Add that to the fact that in season3's "left behind" Kate and juliet had an encounter with smokey that was different then any other encounter. In this case when smokey had them cornered a bright light flickers.....i think that light blinded smokey.

Smokey/MIB can't see Kate, or does not know about her. Also, I don't remember any major scenes between Locke and Kate. A few passing occurances, but no fights or major discussions.
I am sure this will play out as one of the more important issues as Kate has sway over Jack, Sawyer, and through Aaron, Claire. Kate is going to be a huge part of Jacob's end game.

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