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Jack vs Locke = MIB vs Jacob by Johnzo

The theory I present is simple. We know there is a division between MIB and Jacob, and that Locke's body was inhabited by MIB. I think from the very beginning of the series Jack was inhabited by Jacob. It presents the exact scenario MIB and Jacob had-- they could not kill each other and they were philosophically divided. And it all goes back to the stupid scene in the premier when Jack tells Kate that he avoided the smoke monster by jumping into the bushes. From everything we know about the monster, that does not sound like him.

Think about when Jack pulled the trigger on Locke in Season 4 premiere - Locke didn't die.

Think about when Locke pulled a gun on Jack in Season 3 final - Jack didn't die.

They cannot kill each other - just like MIB and Jacob.

The parallels are uncanny and my hunch is that this will come to light.

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