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LOST:THE FINAL SCENE by sawyerrules

Jungle day. Jack has a gun and is aiming at Locke. Jack shot....

White screen

Richard Alpert in a flat roof of a high building, Jack is in front of him and behind Jack is Locke, both in suit, shocked faces.

Alpert: Hello Jack, don’t be afraid, we had to do it. We had to wake you, we tried to avoid it but you didn't get us a choice.

Jack: What are you talking about? Where am I?....What ....?

Alpert: Don't worry I'll try to explain it as better as I can. Try to remember Jack...you were in Mitthelos Bioscience one day in 2004 you came to my desk and I showed you our catalogue...do you remember?

Jack still shocked is now remembering as we watch the images: He's in Alpert's office and we see a catalogue cover "Life extension". He´s leafing through the catalogue : a nice Hotel in a page, a couple laughing...then a tropical island, Jack is pointing at it and then Richard and he shake their hands smiling

Alpert: Yes, Jack, you signed our contract, and you paid us very well, we really didn't ask you where the money was from but it didn't matter...isn't it? The thing is that you died too soon, in fact that same year, three months later …you was too bad after your divorce…you swallowed a great amount of pills but fortunately we got there on time and we fulfilled our contract, you was frozen and connected to "Life extension: Paradise Island version 6.0

Locke: What do you mean? Are you telling us that the island doesn't exist? I live there and I love it, are you crazy Richard? You lived there too...and where are we now?( he looks around)

Alpert: You don't exist John, you are just a security system into "Life extension", you were created in 1965 with the first version of it, but our name then was "Dharma Iniciative" The program was very good from the beginning but we did some improve in it.

Locke: You are crazy, for sure.

Alpert: But you failed Locke you were the sistem lookout and you failed, Jack begun having nightmares mixing it with his own real life memories and this destroyed his virtual system of dreams.

Locke: Are you saying that I don't exist, ohohoh, I'm here and I'm alive (his clearly annoyed)

Alpert: I'm sorry Locke but you were useful if you didn't know it, I'm sorry.

Both Jack and Locke are absolutely shocked, they don't talk at all, just stare to Alpert.

Jack: And...and what about ...Kate.

Then we see Kate and Sawyer coming in behind Jack and Locke, Jack look at them.

Alpert: Well, they are two of the program characters , Sawyer had to be your friend and Kate had to be your girlfriend but they failed too, its obvious. The memories of your own life ruined our plans, you were really obsessed with your divorce and your wife unfaithfulness.

Kate walks towards Jack

Kate: I’m sorry Jack, but Sara was so important that you can't forget she fell in love with another man. It could be nice to have a real romance with you. (She touch him on the shoulder with just one finger in a suggestive way and then comes back to Sawyer, she kiss him in the mouth and Sawyer smiles and winks to Jack)

Sawyer: Sorry Otelo, you didn’t give us a choice, you threw her in my arms.

Jack eyes are filled with rage now and a tear appears.

Richard: They are an advanced model of character’s system, but they know who they are and what is what we need of them.

Jack: Why Kate?

Kate: Why? (Kate seems to cold and distant)

Richard: There is no a why Jack, you changed the program, you broke the system…but don’t worry, I’m here to resolve all that mess, you signed a contract and I have to fulfilled it.

Jack: …but…how could I change all …this…my life is over….(He’s clearly devastated)

Richard: You can change this all, we solved all the problems, you just have to reset yourself.

Jack: Reset myself?

Richard: Yes, Jack, you just have to jump from this roof and you’ll start a new life extension. Its just a jump.

Jack think for a while an then…

But I died once, when that bomb exploded in 1977…in my dream I think…and nothing happened…all was the same crap to me.

No you didn’t do that the bomb didn’t explode cause of you, it was Juliet who did.Then you weren’t allowed to le


ft the program, now we’ll do it.

Jack takes a look to the floor then a look to Kate…

And…he leaps in to space…


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