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I'm following for a long time, though this is my first theory. It's more a speculation, to which I have a lead more than hard facts.

As we learned in season 5 by our "headmistress" Hawking the circumstances of older expeditions to the island have to be imitated. Otherwise the outcome of trips to it is unpredictable. I presume this is also the case for candidates replacing the characters who "retire". For instance Jacob or the MiB. The problem is we don't know anything about Jacobs or the MiBs coming to the island. I presume further there are more roles to fill in besides Jacob and his nemesis.

When we saw Richard the last time we were shocked by his fear and his hypernervous appearance. This is possibly a hint that he assumes his time as an adviser on the island is coming to an end. We have heard that "he was in chains" presumely when coming there. When Kate came the first time to the island, she was the chained prisoner. Therefor I imagine she is the best candidate to replace Richard as an adviser to the others.

Dogen is in my opinion a medical doctor. He's studying plants. Those weren't bonsais we saw him take care of. When Dogen becomes fatal victim in the upcoming war, it's my guess he will be replaced by Jack. Because he's a spinal surgeon and has been playing the leader-role for some time now. Also it's obvious that Dogen and Jack have a connection to each other on the same eyelevel.

I would like to hear your ideas, critic remarks and further musings to my little write-up.


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