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I have 2 theories about what Jack will do to save the island and i will post them here short and simple.

1. JAck at the season finalle, after many major characters killing, will travel back in time probably when the black rock came in to the island and do something to change the course of events and probably cause the sinking of the island underwater. Since we arleady know from spoilers that the true identity of MIB will be revealed only in the season finalle, i think that this will be the main theme of the last episode.

2. This one is more of an idea and not a theory and is based on the fact tha Ilana took the ashes from where Jacobs body was burned. So my guess is that Jacob will be incarnated in Jacks body just like MIB did in Locke's.

The result will be the sinking of the island and the alternate timeline where everyone landed back in LA and only Desmond will be able to remember, travel or coexist in these sideways

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