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After these first few episodes of season 6, the writers of the show are leading us to believe that the h-bomb exploded, causing the island to sink and our losties to never go to the island. or are they...

now, we get to see that if the island was blown up, all of the characters have happier lives, where verything is going good for them, including mr. Benjamin Linus. Linus has become a high school history teacher and seems to be doing pretty good.

but wait a minute, sayid shot little linus in the dharma times and so little linus was brought to the temple to be healed. here's the problem, ben was never returned to the dharma barracks, and was never put on the submarine. so wouldnt ben have have drowned if the island sank due to the bomb?

what i am saying is that the h-bomb DID NOT change the timeline, but most likely a future event that we will learn in the finale.

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