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Backgammon and Recruiting by Belafonte

Now, I know that many of you may have heard this before but after watching the new season of Lost and remembering some key aspects of the previous episodes, I really think backgammon is crucial to understanding what's going on with the entire world of Lost.

Through the series, we've been barraged with these constant references between light and dark and good and evil. We've also seen important snippets of game playing and the rules of the game. Then, in the new season, we've been let on to believe that the MIB is recruiting people to his side. So, what if there are two definite sides to the game that is played by Jacob and the MIB? Then, wouldn't it make sense that those two sides have their game pieces and our losties are those game pieces? What I have seen this season is the gradual set up of a character and the flip side of that particular character.

We've heard countless times that Jack and Locke basically are mirror opposites, so what if our other characters are like that as well? Ben and Charles Widmore are another example.

I've also seen how Claire has basically become the mirror opposite of Kate. Both raised Aaron and one has been corrupted by the MIB. We also have Hurley and Miles, both of who can communicate with the dead and we even seen the last episode playing X's and O's with against one another. I could even so far to think that Sawyer and Sayid could be set up as direct opposites of each other as they kind of represent to "killers" or "fighters" of the losties.

So, I think that Jacob and the MIB have set up there game pieces and the final season represents more of an endgame that kind of break down into two final groups.

Jacob's Group: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin
MIB's Group: Locke, Claire, Sayid, Miles, Sun

I put Sun in MIB's group because she never went back into time with the rest of the ones that were touched by Jacob. If she was somehow "infected" that might explain why she didn't disappear with Jack and the others.

I know there are some huge gaping holes but I thought it would interesting to discuss and think about. I don't know who the others represent or Richard. Nor, do I know what Desmond represents since he doesn't have a number nor anyone to correspond to.

Oh well.

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