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If we were to all look back to season 4 the mercenary team blew up the house Claire was in, upon discovery by Sawyer Claire was disoriented and had a headache. (kind of like a certain Iraqi I shall discuss next)Eventually she was persuaded to take a walk with her father (Christian) which led us to see her later in the mysterious cabin. Whats to say before entering or maybe leaving said cabin Claire happen to kick some ash over to the side. We now hear that Claire was claimed.

Just a few days ago we witnessed Sayid come right back to life, which then he complained of disorientation and headache. I believe what's happening to Sayid has already happen to Claire, this is what could have happen to Rousseau's French team also. How do we know that this did not happen to Christian too? Unless we forget, was it not Christian who pretty much made his own son (Jack) run off a cliff? Had Locke not been there to save the quick reacting Jack he would have been just another claimed!

It's pretty safe to say that the cabin was never Jacob's we've only come to known it being his because Ben said so, later we find out Ben doesn't know shit about Jacob or his where a- bouts! It's much easier to assume that Ilana & Co weren't going over to "Jacobs Cabin" but to see if "The MIB" was still contained inside. (I know some of you freaks are going to scrutinize the fact of Jacobs knife holding up the piece of tapestry)Doesn't anybody find it funny that body formerly known as Locke's also cut a piece of Jacobs tapestry to clean his knife? it could just also be a habit of his! I will even go further to say Ilanas true intentions of going over to the cabin was to possibly confirm her worse suspicion? (That he was on the loose)

Hurley even seen this cabin and when he did he saw Christian talking to some one, maybe this was Christian receiving his next set of orders from the cabins tenant! Since we are talking about Christian too, we can all by now without a doubt say him and the body formerly known as Locke's are two separate entities.

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