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I was thinking about the February 16 episode and how Locke was pondering Jack Shephard's offer to get a free consult and it hit me. Could this alternate reality/parallel universe be Jacob's attempt at defeating Flocke/smoke monster for good? That weapon being the characters we know and love (Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Locke, Sayid, Hurley, Sun/Jin) need to be, or destined to be, working together as one unit to defeat Flocke. I say this for 2 reasons.

1. Flocke seems to be trying to make teams or sides to fight or at least be apposed to another side. He's clearly drafting Sawyer and wanted Richard on his side. Could Sayid be capable of going to Flocke's side and that's why he needs to be killed? If it's Flocke's goal to create sides maybe it's Jacob's goal to unit them.

2. Jacob's last words were "they're coming." Could he be referencing this seasons alternate timeline/universe people coming together and defeating Flock/Smokey for good?

Maybe the timeline as we know it was tainted by Flocke or not perfect enough for our heroes to team up and be a unit and defeat Flocke/Smokey so Jacob's plan all along was to create this alternate timeline. I have this image of my head of alternate Locke getting that consult and in the season finale getting his spine fixed by Jack and having them unite which flashes everything back to...something and Smokey going byebye.

Clearly my theory is very vague in how they could be a weapon, but the fact that they could be the defeat of Flocke/Smokey is something to chew on.

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