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Flash Sideways Sloved by Don't Tell Me

I think I cracked the flash sideways. What if everything we see in season 6 flash sideways is actually the a new timeline created after the events we are currently watching unfold on the island. That is to say that Jughead did not create this timeline, but rather events that will happen at the end of season 6 on the island.

I like this idea because it allows the creators to do so much and also give that amazing feeling to the audience again like we all had when we figured out what was going on at the end of season 3. The whole time you are watching Through the Looking Glass you are watching the future. What if that is foreshadowing for the flash sideways we are watching now.

Think about it. If something happens on the island that is amazingly moving and ends the show of Lost we as the audience will want to know what happens in this flash sideways universe. The creators will not have time to give you more information because it would be anticlimactic. I love Lord of the Rings, but the 12 times I thought the movie was over is too much. Plus the creators know how to end something. Each season has ended abruptly and cliffhanging. There is no reason why this will be any different, save from the fact that we will have character resolution. How else can they do that you ask? By telling the ending to the characters' stories while watching the on island adventure.

With that in mind let's talk about 2nd chances - a theme the show continuously mentions. There has to be some big apocalyptic world ending thing to LOST. What if the world was going to end unless the whole world was reset? What if the whole world needed a 2nd chance and the only ones who could make that happen where the candidates. Jack and others obviously have some job to perform. The Island must have some huge effect on the outside world. Whatever it is the candidates must do something. I am sure we will find out what this is. Nevertheless, when there is a reset the Losties will need each other to be each others Constants and because they have time traveled and reset the world, they have flashes of each other and recognize each other.

Let me know what you think. Can't wait for feedback.

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