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The Pieces are In Place by ajballa21

“They fight. They destroy. They Corrupt. It always ends the same” - Man In Black (MIB)

“It only ends once. Everything that happens before that is just progress.” - Jacob

What if this prophetic conversation between Jacob and the MIB gave us more information than we originally thought? What if this conversation actually gave us some answers to what the island is actually all about? There is a possibility that this statement was a large piece to the puzzle that allows us to figure out an answer to the biggest question on the show. Recall back to season one with me. We saw a scene in which John Locke was sitting on the beach inspecting a game of Backgammon which he had stumbled upon in the wreckage. Filled with curiosity like many kids are, Walt Lloyd approaches Locke and asks him what he is doing. Locke proceeds to tell Walt about the game which he had found. He tells Walt that Backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world “dating back over 5,000 years.” He goes on to explain that in this game, “there are two players, one is light and one is dark.” I think that at this point in the race it is safe for us to take this conv! ersation to heart and assume that the entire show is a representation of this “game” between a light side (for argument’s sake Jacob) and a dark side (MIB).

Similar to many other games, each of the sides in this “game” have pieces which they are maneuvering in an attempt to win the game. In this sense, these pieces are our Losties (Sawyer, Jack, Locke, etc.). Whether they are specifically being placed in certain places or are being manipulated into a certain situation they ARE being navigated into specific “places” by our two players of the game. We can date this game back as far as the 1800’s and the time before we see the Black Rock approaching the island. In the Season 5 finale, we were introduced to Jacob and the MIB. We witness the above conversation where the two players discuss the incoming vessel. What if I were to throw out the idea that because of this conversation and other clues, these “pieces” that MIB and Jacob are playing with, are the same pieces that they have been playing with for hundreds of years???

We may have seen some evidence throughout the series that our Losties have been the same pieces that have been in play for a long, long time. Ever wonder why Jacob and the MIB know all of our Losties names? Or why the Others seem to know a lot of personal information on everybody that is on the island? You could assume that Jacob and the MIB are deity type figures who are omniscient and omnipresent < OR > you can approach this with the idea that Jacob and MIB are very familiar with our Losties because maybe they have “known” them for a long, long time.

Similar to a game of Sudoku, this game requires its players to place each and every piece in the correct place in order to successfully find victory. If in your first attempt to solve the puzzle you fail, you wipe the board clean and give it another go around. However within each failed attempt, you find small pieces of success. Slowly but surely, the players begin to solve small pieces of the puzzle figuring out which pieces are in the correct place and which pieces need to be mixed up another time. In terms of the game, our players tried Danielle Rousseau in the role of the jungle woman in the first attempt, and now we see Claire in the role of the jungle woman. In an example of someone who has maybe found themselves in the right place, Ethan was Claire’s doctor on the island. In the alternate timeline we see Claire off the island, but Ethan is still her doctor.

In “What Kate Does” we also see the Others head out on a mission into the jungle putting themselves in apparent danger just to get Sawyer back into the temple. They obviously do not care about Sawyer’s well- being, but yet they chose to put themselves in danger just to bring him back. Why would they do this? View this decision in terms of our “game.” Maybe whichever side Dogen and the Others are playing for have figured out the correct place or role that Sawyer needs to be in to solve the puzzle and win the game. Thus they need to go out and put him back in the place that he needs to be in.

Jumping back to Locke’s idea of the game of Backgammon. Backgammon is believed to be a descendent of an ancient game called Senet. Senet was an Egyptian game believed to be the “game of passing.” In this game, traditionally played during the afterlife, the winner would forever be under the protection of some of the major God’s (Ra, Thoth, and Osiris). Some interesting things to note about these deities are as follows. Ra is also known as Horus, it was talked about that the “Hurley Bird” had something to do with this God Horus. Osiris is a God linked with re-birth, which we are beginning to see with Sayid. And Thoth is responsible for some judgment of the dead.

We may be seeing this game between Jacob and MIB playing out right in front of our eyes, only we are focused on our Losties being the center of attention when indeed they are simply pawns being used in this game of life or afterlife.


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