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Bear with me folks, I've had things going round and round in the gray matter and am trying to get it out coherently. Primarily it is about Jack and his connections and importance thereof to Christian, MIB, Jacob, and Kate.
First: Jack alone: I've always liked the character (thus some biases present) but have always felt he had an important role underneath any surface Hero/Mr. Fix-it stuff and waited and waited for his Walt/Hurley/Locke island gift to kick in. Except it always been there. Power of Will manifested in healing/life but not from the island. Examples: His Ex-wife walking (so wanted her to 'dance at the wedding", and both times charlie suffocated. both times Charlie was likely out for some time and not just for a minute or two. Jack wanted it - it happened. (I also think this applies to Sayid) When Jack gives up, natural processes take place - Boone.

Second: From where? Jack is "special" as well as Claire/Aaron by birth. Jacob has shown he can leave the island physically and affect the world. MIB has shown he can take the likeness of others but those others must be "available". Locke - body. Christian - not his body I think. Also, the "sickness" some on the island get implies MIB's influence can be felt indirectly. Remember how Whitmore would leave the island to meet with his ladies (not wanting to feel trapped/isolated)and if anyone screams MIB supporter even if by accident/quirk it's Whitmore. What if Jacob or MIB can manifest or "influence" others in the world and thus Christian has been either influenced or a manifestation of one of them or an aspect of one of them. MIB's reliance on appearing as Christian even to those who have no clue as to his identity implies a connection of some sort. (why appear to Sun, Locke, Claire (if she doesn't know what daddy looks like), etc as christian. Why not a more effecti! ve form to influence/trick/seduce/etc? Christian is both good and bad. Dr = good = helping people. But, christian doesn't care about his patients - cares about prestige of being a Dr. Also, quite a dick when it comes to being a dad and husband apparently. also, Christian's body was never in the coffin - either of them. Locke's body made the trip - MIB taking his form had nothing to do with the body. Christian's body - both time lines - goes missing after death and identification/coming near the island. Thus Jack is special as he has aspects of dad (manifestation of MIB/Jacob) but also been touched (i.e. recruited/converted and also insulated from MIB) by Jacob.

Jack and Kate (and David). Going wayyy out on a limb here and not sure if the math works (Jacks age and Kate's age). BUT - with all the talk early of Kate being thought of as a "Hero" figure very early as well as statements made how Jack and Kate "connected" in any time line or lifetimes - doesn't imply romance but instead two souls that have a bond somehow. I say David is the son of a meeting between these two souls when Kate had an early runaway. 1. ALT: The look between Jack and Kate - implies a connection and/or knowing something. 2. Mom's "away for the weekend". Jack being a once a month dad as well as being emotionally non-engaging used that as a pathetic lie to cover Kate's legal issues. Kid's granddad has died, really want to shovel more on the kid? 3. Kate saying she's innocent in this time-line but still has many aspects of old time line Kate "run kate run". I know this is super unlikely but I thought it very very odd the address of the mom's home plus ! the fact of the convenience of being away plus the fact that Jack never calls the mom when he's gone missing for hours and hours. 4. With the kids full dark hair i don't see him as being a mix between Jack and Ms this haired Blondie. I see David as being a cross between two dark haired persons (maybe Ilana.. who knows).


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