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after reading posts on this site for years, this is my first. so, please be gentle. i would, first off, like to thank all of my fellow losties for giving me hours of entertainment by writing all the badass recaps and theories. now, shall we get down?

i belive the island just has periods when it is simply underwater. here is the basis for this opinion:

1) THE LAMP POST- when we are in the lamp post, we see that the pendelum slowly plots locations of where and when the island is. there seem to be quite a few, but all seem to be ocean-bound (i think there's more to that as well, but that's different theory). is it not just as simple as the depth of the ocean shifting to levels that are simply too deep for the island?

2) WEIRD WATER CORROSION- i've also noticed a lot of the structures on the island look as if they have severe water damage. this is speculative, but it's worth a second look. lots of rust and that pesky rogue shark.

3) LOOKING GLASS- seems that the dharma initiative seemed to conquer the problem of sustaing air supply even when submerged under an ocean with a hole in the floor that's roughly 500 square feet. i think this was a pre-emptive solution to a problem that they knew they would encounter. really, what's the importance of that thing anyways?

anyways, that wraps up my first theory. thanks for poppin' my cherry, ladies and gentlemen.

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