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I have a really crazy theory that is probably so far out there but here goes it....

I can't help but think that seeing the island underwater is how it is all going to end. Seeing it underwater in the premiere episode reminds me of seeing the "fake" Oceanic plane that Widmore set up. Could these two be related?

Think about this, Faraday, sees the news report of the Oceanic flight being found, it clearly pans through the plane so you can see the actual dead bodies. Faraday starts crying hysterically almost like he knew the people on the plane, maybe its because when everything eventually corrects itself in time, meaning no more sideways stuff, that plane really wasn't set up by Widmore and it is the actual Oceanic 815 with all of the original fliers on it (aka cast). This would clearly make sense as to why Faraday felt so connected to this crash because he did know them in another life. He couldn't explain why he was so upset, almost like Jack couldn't explain why he thought he had met Desmond before.

When the sideways theme finally corrects itself does life flash forward and back at the very moment Locke pushes the wheel and the island disappears...maybe he sunk the island and the flash of time put him and everyone else back on that plane at the same exact time the plane is crashing only this time there is no plane to break the fall, and I hate to say it but everyone dies...kind of extreme but isn't everything on this show?

Just something to think about...

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