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The man in LA not John Locke by Niknar

I realize that this may be a far fetch, but I watched LA X one and two again and noticed something. The John Locke that was on the plane, and the one in LA seemed different. On the plane he was talking to Boon about a walkabout. At first I thought that Locke was just embarrassed so he lied, but then after I watched the scene where he met Jack at the air port I changed my mind. Locke described many the walkabout like it was everything that happened on the island. What really made me wonder was listening to how the new John Locke talk and acted he seemed so much more confident than the old John Locke. I'm not sure if I can describe it as just confidence (I'm sure that there is more to it), but my point is that the new John Locke in LA is different too. When Locke was talking to Jack in the airport baggage claim room he seemed much different than the old John Locke. First of all he seemed to almost know wher! e Jack's father was. I know that he only said" how could they know where your father is.... they only lost his body." What really made me wonder was when Jack said that he could fix Locke's spinal injury, and when Locke said that it was impossible Jack said that nothing is impossible. Locke gave him a very interesting look. A look of surprise. A look that made me think Locke is someone else. I think that this Locke is the MIB, Jacob, or even someone else. I mean the MIB did say that he wanted to go home. I also think that it could be Jacob. It is a try anyway. We will see.

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