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This theory does not try to explain the mechanics of lost etc,just a theory on why the atom bomb(jughead)could have sunk the island and a couple of other of my musings.

First off lets take care of the island sinking due to the atom bomb,from an episode in season 4 ,the first ben centric ,while samantha mathis is teaching the dharma kids she mentions the islands volcano,now surely jughead could have made active the previously dormant volcanoe=?

Hence jughead + volcano= sunken landmass.

Probably wrong and i hope i am.

My next point goes too the underwater island,notice the camera only showed the intact right foot of the statue,was the rest of the statue still intact in this reality?

My other musing and even though the writers have said it isnt atlantis ,the similarities are there(even more so now)sunken island,temple surrounded by a wall,a civilization far more advanced etc.

My last one is mib said he wanted to go home,wheres home?

It seems the writers are bringin all the major theories over the past five years into play.

So i believe one of these outcomes will come about mib and jacob are aliens(good and bad)or we have angels and demons.

either way whoever is coming as jacob said will end this war between the two.

Whatever happens i believe we will all be wrong and when lost finishes we will be still wanting a lot of questions answered

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