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Those who have been following Lost from the beginning will recognize the title of this theory as being the response Kelvin Inman was expecting from Desmond when he asked, "What did one snowman say to the other?" I reference that exchange because something dawned on me after watching the season 6 premiere. Could this whole thing be as simple as MIB looking for a replacement? Here's what I think might be going on...

It appears as though Jack's plan did not work. When Juliet ignited the hydrogen core, there was no reset. Our Losties ended up back in 2004, at the imploded hatch, "right back where we started," as James pointed out. I'm not here to debate what's going on with the two separate timelines we seem to be observing, I'm simply putting forth a possible explanation for the entire story arc of the show.

Is it possible that Jacob and MIB are from the future, the last remaining members of the reconstituted Dharma Initiative, assigned to the newly built hatch, which was built again as a result of the upcoming war Widmore referred to? I say the last remaining members because that war results in the destruction of the entire human race, except for Jacob and MIB.

MIB stated in the season premiere that he just wants to go home. Well, why can't he? He can't for a couple reasons. First, he is in the wrong time. It needs to be some point in the future, approx. 30 years I'm guessing. And he cannot just leave the island without a replacement. (That's why Inman didn't just kill Desmond and take his boat. He needed a replacement to push that damned button, to "save the world.")

During their time on the island saving the world, Jacob and MIB discover that they can use the unique properties of the island (electromagnetism) to travel through time. So they make a wager on whether mankind is capable of NOT destroying itself through war and corruption. Jacob thinks mankind is able to be saved, while MIB does not.

MIB just wants to go home, but he can't because of those blasted "rules". One of the rules is that he can't just leave without a replacement. Another rule is that the person has to WANT to be his replacement, a recurring theme that we've seen throughout the run of the show. He just wants to go home because he believes that there is no hope for mankind, and that we will eventually destroy ourselves anyway, so pushing a button every 108 minutes is pointless.

Jacob, on the other hand, believes they can use the time travel powers the island provides in order to create a time loop in which mankind can work to resolve the differences that lead to its demise, thus resulting in there never being a need for that damned button, which means they can both go home.

MIB uses the time travel powers to find (or rather, create) his replacement, which turns out to be John Locke. So in the end we may see MIB able to go home while John ends up stuck in that hatch pushing that damned button, a fitting outcome considering everything he did to protect the island.

This whole theory was spawned by Jacob's response to Hurley when asked who killed him. He said, "I was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company." I thought the use of the term COMPANY was an interesting play on words. MIB was both tired of Jacob's company (companionship) because he was stuck in the Hatch with him for so long, and he was also tired of Jacob's company...the Dharma Initiative.

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