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Is Jacob the good guy? by Broansaw

Hello again,

This isn't really much of a theory as it is just food for thought.

I was thinking today is Jacob and MIB which is good and which is bad?

If you look the standard good bad argument you have light/dark,white/black into play.

Lost uses a lot of the white/black light/dark references.
-Lockes eyes in Claires dream
-Adam and Eve Stones
-Smockie being black, and Locke referring to seeing it as a bright light in one episode

I feel that the writers are possibly using the white/black light/dark not to the normal expectations.

Lets look at Jacob

Appears to be good wears white all the other follow him. Is a soft spoken peaceful presence.

Yes these features scream Im good! but is he really? here are a few points I find that maybe Jacob isnt so good.

The others have a room where they brainwash people to love jacob via clockwork orange style. Why would you need this if your good? Shouldn't being the good guy be enough? Like saying "hey im good and there's a giant smoke monster that will rip you to shreds ill help protect you". would be good enough but no have to put you in a room and brainwash you into following me? It seems like he has to force his good image upon the others.

Jacob also touching the losties. He touches Kate and helps her not be punished for stealing. Distracts syid and nadia is killed. Initially making syid go back to killing people. Jack touches Jack and give him a push to go against his father to end up firing him which leads to jakes fathers death. sawyer is given a pen to write the rest of his letter that motivates sawyer to hold a grudge. hurley and locke are the outside cases that doesn't really effect much. But some could say jacob caused Locke to be paralyzed and didnt save him.

When thinking about Jacob maybe think of the usual suspects line:
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

Lets look at MIB:
Wears black, Is pissed off, Says he wants to kill Jacob.

If MIB is the manifestation of animals and visions on the island. He technically if you look at it helped the losties in away.

Took the form of a boar to terrorize Sawyer, but this eventually helps sawyer be a better person and let go off his past.

He took the form of kates horse but to be honest cant remember what that helped her with

Took the form of Christian Shepard which led to Jake talking to locke and eventually letting go of his daddy issues when he found the coffin.

MIB didn't kill Locke ben did

MIB yells at the others and says im dissapointed in you. Almost like he was in charge at one time and they have been dooped by Jacob that he was good.

There is a possibility that good/bad white/black light/dark need to be balanced and that if one is out of balance things dont go so well. I feel that we may see MIB discussing the balance of how things worked on the island and why the losties need to help him and not jacob.

These are just my thoughts because the writers may be trying to pull a switcheroo on us with who's good and who's bad.

But then again they could be making it clear as day thinking we would tear it apart and speculate. Who know.

Feel free to Comment and rip apart my ideas every things welcome.

Thanks for reading

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