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The Hydrogen Effect by SayidTheMan981

We all know about the Hydrogen bomb. We all know about the Incident and we all know about the swan.

Now speculation has been rampant on what happened after the bomb went off and if indeed the incident is in actuality the explosion of said bomb.

After re-watching the first two episodes of season 6 and seeing the first two season over again (specifically the Swan based episodes), I think it is safe to assume that hydrogen bomb did go off and was in fact the incident.

Now a hydrogen bomb is a bomb with thermonuclear qualities. It is in fact more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and gives off intense radiation after it explodes.

Now in season 2 when Jack and Sayid are exploring the Swan, Sayid makes a passing comment about the massive amount of concrete that is poured around the area with the magnetic qualities. He says that the only time he ever saw that, was in Chernobyl. Now anyone with a knowledge of recent history knows that a nuclear reactor went off and they had to contain it with concrete.

The same thing happened when the hydrogen bomb went off after Juliet hit it. Now all of you will say that the effects would destroy the island and everyone would die but I disagree.

The magnetic effects of the area where the Dharma Initiative were digging, in theory could have contained the blast. But because of the amount of radiation that went off, the DI had to pour concrete to stop the radiation and the effects of the the bomb and the strange properties from causing catastrophic consequences.

Just a thought. And this theory would explain the time traveling and future seeing powers of Desmond. Maybe the residual radiation, coupled with the effects of the Island gave that power to him.

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