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Alright, let me say one thing first. While I hate "shipper wars", I don't think there's a thing wrong with being a fan of a couple on TV either. Heck, if I were a shipper I'd be a PB&J'er. That being said, this is how I think the series is going to end, at least when it comes to the insipid love triangle between Kate, Sawyer and Jack.

Kate, like her or not, doesn't exactly have decisiveness on her side. She's a spur of the moment gal, she goes with what's going on at that time. And don't forget the fact that she has to be involved with every single thing too. Anyways, if TPTB truly want to give all the Jate/Skate whateverers (sorry, made that world up) some sort of closure on it, and I think they will or risk forever being stalked the world over by rabid Jaters and Skaters wanting to know which couple ends up together, then both Jack and Sawyer will NOT survive on the island timeline by series end.

I'm not going with any spoilers I've read either, and I read them all, I'm just going with my gut. If both Jack and Sawyer are alive on that island then she would just go back and forth continuously, basically forever.

I think, in the end, Sawyer will die. I think Kate is going to get involved in something, AGAIN, and put her life at risk, AGAIN and I think Sawyer is going to go to save her and end up dying. Jack's not going to die, that much has been made clear since the first season. Doesn't mean he'll get a happy ending either though. Juliet's death left Sawyer destroyed, he's not going to turn around and knock boots with Kate after that. Sawyer's death, I think, will leave Kate emotionally wiped out and she just wont' care about anything anymore. I do think, unfortunately, she will survive on the island through series end, but I'm not so sure she and Jack will have a happy ending.

This is all imo of course, but both Jack and Sawyer can't be alive on the island at the end or that storyline wont' be resolved.

Oh, and alt timeline I think Sawyer and Juliet end up together, I think that's what she was saying when she died, not necessarily those words, but an indicator that she and Sawyer know each other in the alt timeline.

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