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After rewatching "LA X", I have a theory as to why Ben was able to kill Jacob. First of all, let me start by saying that I believe only Ben could kill Jacob, and no one else. But what is so special about Ben? Well, it's fairly simple. Ben was healed at The Temple, presumably in the Spring. It's strongly implied in the premiere that the Spring is connected to Jacob, which is why it darkened after Jacob's death. I believe that whomever is healed in the Spring is forever connected to Jacob, hence "He'll Always be one of us." Ben was the perfect candidate to kill Jacob because he's the only leader who was healed at the Spring, and he could be motivated to commit the act.

We should also consider the following- Do you remember who insisted that Sayid will go back to the island? That's right. Ilana, who is working directly for Jacob. I believe that they wanted Sayid back on the island mostly because he had to flash to 1977 in order to shoot Ben. When Widmore confronts Richard about taking Ben to The Temple, Richard answers that "Jacob wanted it done." I'm pretty sure that Richard was telling the truth. Jacob wanted Ben healed because this is the very process that will make Ben the only one that could kill him. Jacob set up MIB to think that he found his loophole in Ben when in reality, Ben was Jacob's weapon against MIB all along.

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