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Time Travel for Desmond Explained by PJM

I've watched The Constant over and over and I realized something: Time travel is to the future only. You dont time travel to the past...although I know the Losties travelled to 1977, I'm still working on that...but follow this: Eloise the rat, is time travelled one hour ahead and upon her return she is able to do the maze without being trained. While Eloise physically remained in the present time, her consciousness time traveled into the future and emboided her future physical self.
What about Desmond in that same episode. He appears to be flying on a helicopter/and on the freighter in the present and flashes to the past...only one problem...if that were the case, then he would be aware of his surroundings in the present and be confused in the past...That is not what happens. What happens is that he beocmes confused and agitated and devoid of memories int eh present, not recognizing sayid, in the present, and yet becomes aware of his time travels while in the past. It is as if traversing from the Island to the ship, via the storm front that they pass through, initiated a time travel from the past, to the present! That is, once again, time travel to the FUTURE, not the past.

I still have to work on and explain time travel to 1977 for the Losties, but I'm working on it!

A quick explanation is as follows: The Losties are in a time loop..that is pretty well established and accepted. We are not exacty sure when the time loop begins or when it resets each time. Nevertheless, there is a beginning and an end to the loop, much like there is a beginning and end to a train that goes round in a circle....from the perspective of a person standing next to the tracks...the train goes around once, twice, thrie, etc. Thus, the end of one loop leads to the beginning of the next loop. Thus, are the Losties really going back in time ( reersign the train?) or are they jumping ahead to the begging of the next loop! If they are jumping ahead, then their time traveling is consistent with what we saw in The COnstant which is that time travel is only possible in into the ffuture, not the past. tLooking forward to comments..

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