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Now that we see an ALT reality is going on...it makes me think that they(TPTB) have been sneaky and slipped us some ALT scenes in the characters flashbacks and we were none the wiser......

In the past(Season 5)...I wrote my TALE OF THE TAPE Theories that alluded to alternate realities going on,and those of you who enjoyed them....let me Thank you once again.

So....the BEST person I can use to explain this is using Hurley...with a little bit a help from Locke.

1st FACT.

Hurley left for Australia several weeks after his Father returned from being absent in his life for 17 years(and Hurley said/states that he left when he was 10),and I would think Hurley was in the "Land down under" for at least a week.

And weather I'm off by several weeks or months with the above mentioned....it all takes place in 2004.

So with that being said....there is a problem with Hurley's Age and Birthday.

Hurley would be 27 years old in 2004(same as Kate,Miles,Dan,and Ethan).Why do I say this?...2004:Hurley says his Dad was gone for 17 years and left when he was 10(this would make it 1987)...hence his birthday would be in 1977.

.....now the problem I have is,when Hurley gets busted by the cops after the whole Hot Pocket fiasco with Ben in Jan of 2008...when he was released,his rap sheet said his birthday was in 1982(not only does it make him 5 years younger,it is wrong due to the fact that it would not make his math line up with his story about his father)....so that would be something to note right there.We know Hurley's B-Day is in February cause the O6 escaped the Island the 1st week of Jan.2005 and then shortly after they had Hurley's 28th birthday surprise party.


Randy's relationship with Hurley is a funny one...looking back at Randy bitching at Hurley for slacking off and eating on the job,Randy wasn't being a dick...he was actually doing his job...so,yeah-Randy could have went about it a different way-but he was mad.But Hurley retaliates later by him and Johnny spelling CLUCK YOU! later on Randy's front lawn...but Hurley being a good guy-gives Randy a job at his Mr.Clucks and Randy seemed to have an alright attitude...but later when working as a supervisor for Hurley's box company...his attitude is just nasty and aggressive.What an extreme change in attitude in such a short period of time? This is also worth noting....

Now...the REALITIES.

R1-Hurley and Randy(clean-cut) are loading up Mr.Clucks with supplies for it's GRAND Re-Opening,and the meteor hits it and Hurley rushes home(he even has debris on him still when he walks in the door)-He straight up wants to go to Australia to get to the bottom of these cursed numbers...His Mom and Pops hold Hurley off for a couple of weeks,but Hurley still ends up going in early to mid-September 2004.

R2-Sometime in 2004,Hurley's accountant talks to Hurley and mentions at one point about Hurley's box company he owns.Later(in early September)-Locke prepares to take his Vacation time(which is a week long)to go on his "Walkabout" in Australia(I'm guessing Sept.15th to the 22nd)-Randy(shaggy hair and goatee) shows up and gives Locke a hard time.

R2NOTES:Locke is talking to Helen(a phone sex operator)and lives in a crappy apartment and is miserable.

R3-The ALT September 22,2004,We see 815 Land safe in L.A. several days Later....We see Locke's life is pretty damn good!He has a nice home in the burbs,he's getting married to Helen(Peg Bundy Helen-not Phone sex operator Helen),and he has a more acceptance of his disability.But of course his "Box" Job still sucks and we have Nasty and Aggressive Randy(shaggy hair and goatee again)as his boss again.This time around though,in his cubicle-he has pictures of Him and Helen as of one of Him and his Father(which shows us he has a relationship with Cooper)
...In Reality #2,his cubicle has no pictures(Locke is a lonely&desperate man in R2).Randy fires him and Locke meets Hurley for the 1st time in this reality(after a rough couple minutes,the two men actually hit it off...Damn,Hurley!-you are the nicest dude ever!).

R3NOTES:This is the 1st time Hurley himself has ever verbally acknowledged that he actually OWNS more than one company(Mr.Clucks,the Box company,and the Temp agency),as we see in all of his Flashbacks,Hurley has always....

-Worked for Mr.Clucks twice(before Santa Rosa and after)
-Won the lottery.
-His accountant talks to Hurley about the Box company and a warehouse that burnt down in CANADA(the accountant never acknowledges Hurley owning Mr.Clucks).
-Hurley owning Mr.Clucks in 2004(with Randy helping him).

...So this is why I would have thought Hurley only owned one company up until this point because if you go back and watch Hurley episodes....this is how they presented him.

R4-Sometime in 2005(after the O6 return and Hurley's B-Day in February),Hurley crashes his car into a fruit stand and Randy(clean cut again)is right there(dressed in a CIRCUIT HUT work outfit)filming it all go down with Hurley's 1st arrest.

R4NOTES:Randy no longer works for Hurley and with him being 10-15 feet away...If he knew Hurley for so long...he would have at least yelled/said"Hurley,What are you doing"? or even "Hurley"! to get his attention(any of us would)...this to me,makes me think he didn't even know Hurley.

So....What are we seeing here? More than two realities going on?Different versions of the loop?

...And here is a sub-theory for you to think about also....


Some to think about.....

SAM AUSTEN(travels the world a lot through the Army)
CHRISTIAN SHEPARD(gone for months at a time)
DAVE REYES(He was gone for 17 years)
Mr.PAIK(Oh...YEAH!...that guy def knows about that Island!)

Hope y'all enjoy!....

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