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aaron brings the balance by martin

so i have a theory regarding smokies ability to "claim" dead people.. it seems the "sickness" we heard of so long is that! so it is possible or even likely that even the dog vincent was claimed by smokie, as of course jacks father and apparantly claire are..
this reminded me of a scene back in season 4 (i think it was in the finale) where claire appears to kate in aarons bedroom and tells her, very strongy: don't bring him back! don't you dare bring him back!!!" or something like that..

so if that wasn't actually claire, as we know now, but in fact the man in black aka the smoke monster aka f(ake)locke, why would the smoke monster not want aaron back on the island? why would he care for that?
is it possible that maybe aarons role in this play is bigger than we anticipated? is he maybe the key to this whole thing?
i know those theories also existed back in season 1.. but i can't think of any good reason for the smoke monster to make sure that aaron would not return to the island, other than aaron is somehow important. is he maybe the new jacob, that could bring "balance to the island (force)" - and to bring in some star wars referance as well..?
is he maybe a real threat for smokie??
good? bad? rubbish??
well.. let me know what you guys think..
have a good one.

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