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What We Are Missing by Reason

Im not saying this is actually what is going on but its an idea...

I've been reading many theories about the smoke monster and how christian is also the smoke monster. In my opinion that makes no sense whatsoever. We all heard illana say on the substitute, "hes stuck like this now". Now, If the smoke monster, or flocke, was also christian wouldnt he have been stuck as christian? There would have been no way the smoke monster would have been able to transform from christian to flocke.

That is why im going with the idea that there is A- more than one smoke monster or B- there is another entity of some sort, something more powerful that jacob or flocke, that we have yet to be introduced to. The answer is A or B because Christian cannot be explained yet. We also know this because after ajira crashed Flocke was on the beach while sun and frank were in dharmaville with christian.

I just dont c how they could be the same entity when we have been told that once flocke gains his appearance he is stuck like that. Feel free to let me know in the comments how that is possible.

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