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How Smokey Will Be Defeated by Jeremy

When Smokey created the doppelganger of John Locke he not only imitated his image but his essence, his memories, his experiences, in short everything that made John Locke John Locke. John Locke was damaged goods, a deeply wounded creature who as Sawyer described was full of fear.

Smokey seems to dwell on John Locke after assuming his form. At first this can be explained as Smokey simply trying to sell himself as a reincarnated John Locke. However after he is revealed his first conversation with Ben is about John Locke. He even crosses his name off at the cave. Why? Because he is becoming John Locke.

The incident with the ghost kid in the jungle speaks volumes as Smokey shouts "don't tell me what I can't do." Classic John Locke, which I believe is a foreshadowing. Eventual John Locke will grow inside him like an infection (sound familiar?) until doubt, uncertainty, and the many faults that was John Locke begin to overwhelm Smokey. Specifically how this will play out I'm not quite certain but I think it will cause a chain of events that will lead to his undoing.

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