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I have a theory that i am pretty sure is correct. Everyone is wondering which Kwon was on the wall and where is Kate. I have the very simple answer. "What lies in the Shadow of the Statue?" "He who will save us all!" "HE!" MIB says that all of the candidates on the wall are basically nominees for who rule/protect the Island. I think that this man will "save us all." So Kate is not on their because she is female, and Kwon is Jin, not Sun. This may explain why Jin didn't die on the freighter, because he might be the next jacob. If you are wondering why Jacob touched Kate, if she's not a candidate, I'll tell you.
For those of you people who hate Kate, I'll tell you that the reason she can't pick a man, may be more important than it seems. I think the reason she is on this Island is to point Jack and Sawyer to their destinies. Jack detonated the bomb because of his love for Kate. Sawyer jumped off the chopper because of his love for Kate, which led to him and Juliet falling in love, which led to Juliet detonating the bomb. So maybe, most of the survivor's journey led to the detonation of the bomb. These flash sideways may be more important than you could have possibly imagined.

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