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A WAR BETWEEN GOD by Pedro Lourenço

This theory came up after the episode "The Substitute".

Here we go:

Firts point: The invasors of the island is not Dharma, or Russeau's boat, or Penelope's father. The real invasor of the island is Jacob and the smoke is the truth inhabitant from there. The smoke lived free in the island at first, perhaps in a human form. Notice when the smoke says: "I was free once (...) I know how it is to lose someone you love". Or maybe it is a love between Gods.

That is the second point: the smokey is the GOD OF THE ISLAND and Jacob locked this "GOD" through rituals, perhaps with the help of another god, represented by the broken statue and worshiped in the themple. These 2 GODS are represented by rocks in the balance, the smoke is the black rock and Jacob's God is the white one. Notice: The smoke throw the white rock from the balance afeter he kills Jacob.

Third point: Why Jacob did all this to lock the smoke? Simple: to get all the GOD POWERS that the island can offer (healing, timetraveling, and so on.)

Fourth point: Why Jacob lied about the GODS battle to Richard and everyone else? Simple: to have all the powers to himself.

Fifth point: Dharma Iniciative, Russeau's boat, Widmore, the baloon, Desmond, Flight 815, everyone was brought to the island by Jacob. Why Jacob brought all those people to the island? Answer: In search for a substitute to maintain the rituals to keep the smoke locked. Maybe Jacob already new he would die.

Sixth point: What is the desease or infection? Is a death followed by possession by the smoke. Notice that Said was infected and they say he was "claimed" and "there is a darkness growing in him (...) and everything your friend once was will be gone".

Seventh point: The smoke once wanted to get rid of everybody on the island who can become member of the locking ritual. Now he wants to take people to join his cause and exterminate the priests of the white GOD.

Other considerations: I believe Aaron is the same person of Jacob, once he is a time traveler, who travelled back in time to lock the smoke. I also believe the smoke will send Sawyer to the paralel universe (where the plane didn't crashed) by killing him - OR - the smoke will use Sawyer to UNDO some heappenings, like killing Jacob in another place in time, once the smoke cannot kill him.

That's it.

Whatch the 2 last episodes again after reading this (3 and 4).
I think all this make a lot of sense.



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