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Final Scene? by DrHank

I hope this wasn't previously submitted and I apologize if it was. This is my idea for what could possibly be the final scene of the series.

It seems to me that two of our Losties have been set up as adversaries from the very start. The Man of Faith and the Man of Science. The Man of Faith, Locke, has already been claimed by one of the island "demi-gods".

I don't know how we will get there, as it is still early in the season and there will, no doubt, be many twists and turns along the way but I think at some point Jack will be claimed by Jacob.

This sets up what I see as a possible final scene, which has Jacob & MIB again sitting on the beach only this time they are inhabiting the bodies of Locke and Jack. They are having a very similar conversation to the one we saw at the start of season 5. As they are talking we see a cruise ship sinking and passengers in life rafts paddling ashore or even the space station falling from the sky. Their conversation perhaps goes something like this:

Jackob: "Thought you found your loophole didn't you?"
BLocke: "I almost had you this time"
Jackob: "Almost, but here we are again."
BLocke: "And now you're bringing more? To destroy and corrupt?
Jackob: "Why not? What else do you have to do?"
BLocke: "I'm still going to kill you before this ends."
Jackob: "Don't forget, it only ends once."


Of course the dialogue would have to be better than mine...but something along those lines. Hope youlike it.

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