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Pierre Chang has an unfinished story as we don't know how he died. Also he is a fan favourite, has met many of the Losties, and most of all he has a son on the island who is kinda without a story at the moment.

For these reasons I believe he will appear again, and as he is obviously a man of great intelligence and possesses knowledge of the island's properties I think he is the most likely candidate who would know how to get to the island.

For anyone saying "well surely it's Widmore/Desmond/Aaron..", yes I agree that some if not all of these characters will return, but for that they need someone with Faraday-level-Physics-brains! And who better then a man we all know well who also has a BIG reason to go back to the island - to save his son Miles!

As for Wallace, I get the feeling this might be a red herring as I think the real reason Jacob sent Jack+Hurley was for Jack to see the mirrors, and perhaps Jacob said to turn it to 108 was arbitrary as it is a number Hurley would not forget. If not then perhaps Wallace is on the island and turning the mirror on the island would "light" up the island in some way - after all, it IS a lighthouse. Then maybe it would be easier to find.

Cheers :)

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