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Loop de Loop by Gage

Many people believed before this season began that Lost would end just as it started, with Jack's eye opening and him saving people on the beach.

After the start of Season 6 poeple seem to be changing their thoughts thinking Lost will end with Jack on the plane or some other variation.

I still strongly belive Lost will end as it began on the beach with the plane crash and they are forever stuck in this looping series of events. Yes the bomb has always exploded, yes each even happens time and time again but in a matter of seconds.

This season will pick up back in 2007 back on the Island with the exploded hatch, and the story will continue in their efforts with the "New Others" to defeat the MIB.

I think Jacob is now Syiad and the battle against good and evil with climax until the Island is destroyed jolting Jack and company back on the plane landing in LAX.

The other part of this season will be spent telling the story of the Oceanic members continuing on with their lives but in an alternate universe (JJ ABRAMS loves the alternate universe theory ie. Star Trek, Fringe) The alternate universes communicate with each other in the sense that changes in one affect the other. Jack saves Charlies life twice, the missing coffin, the Marshalls head wound, the wound on Jacks neck, Desmond dissapearing, Jack fixing Lockes back and him being able to walk on the island. The deaths that occured on the island, I belive, only means that these people died in the alternate universe. The island of course is the bridge between these universes. This is why Michael couldn't commit suicide, or ben charles, MIB and Jacob can't die, because they are exsisting in the wrong universe.

Faraday will dramatically come back in his theatrics and try and make everyone remember the Island. and in some fashion they will do something which they think will fix everything - which ends where it all began, in a vicious cycle that keeps happening over and over

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