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Fringe Theory by kastrato

Fringe gives more information about the parallel universes and the interaction between those universes if we can create a "door" and connect them.

On Jacksonville (s02e15) we come to learn about the light-flash
,it is a warning that one universe is about to hit and smash the other on specific locations.The phenomenon starts on earthqueaks(recall the darmavile earthqueakes of 1972-3),vabrations (recall the referance of "the good vabrations song")
On this phenomenon on fringe a specific place ,a bulding dualizes
and makes a third bulding with monster people of both parallels
bodies of two heads, four feets.
The same phenomenon also makes an other bulding to disappear completly from the universe we observe.This means that the other unverse had a simular phenomeno as the one i discribed before.
On Lost something like this exist too.On the island a cabin appears and disapears ,changes places.
Ben seems to have no idea about the hatch or the btchcraft airplain.The left and the right statue foot.Black Rock's set in the middle of the island.
The different light this island has and the flashes .

On Fringe the conflic is about "between two universes"
On Lost is kind of different.Here is one multi universe and an island which balances the equation so the multi universe can exists.

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