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Daniel in 1977 was actually MIB by Kel!

When Locke supposedly came back to life upon returning to the island, one thing noticed by fans (and even by Richard) was his attitude shift. He suddenly had a purpose and knew exactly what he was supposed to do. And of course, we discovered in the finale that the reason for this was that who we were seeing was not Locke at all - it was the Man in Black.

Back in 1977, there was another character who had a sudden attitude shift and sense of purpose upon returning to the island: Daniel Faraday. When Daniel returned from Ann Arbor, he knew exactly what he wanted to do; he wanted to detonate a hydrogen bomb. He knew all the steps to take and did so with a confidence we'd never seen from the character before. And all of this happened concurrently (to the viewer) with the 2007 MIB storyline. What do all these hints tell us? That Faraday wasn't Faraday at all, but was in fact MIB.

I believe that Faraday died in Ann Arbor and, just as he did with Locke 30 years later, MIB saw this as an opportunity. He posed as Daniel on the island "returning" from Ann Arbor and convinced Jack to blow up the island. The thing that sells me on this theory is a piece of information that we received in "LA X": That MIB wants to "go home." What better way to go about this than to destroy the island? I think this was MIB's first attempt at tricking our Losties to achieve his own ends. After all, to paraphrase what he told Jacob, we have no idea what he's been through to get to the point where he is now.

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