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Lost and Pilosophy by DARKCYDE

I am taking Intro to Philosophy in college and have noticed a lot of things that could be tied to Lost. Some of this may have been posted before so I apologize if all this is old.

John Locke was a real person who believed that the personal self was defined by our memories. Basically, he says that who we are is based on what we remember and if something is not in our memory it is not a part of who we are. Even if a soul passes into another body, if it can't remember what it did in it's past existence it is not technically the same person.

There is another Philosipher named David Hume (Desmond Hume?) that says there is no personal self and that we are all just a collection of experiences. He also says that even though there is no personal self that we, as human beings, will always deny this.

I learned the other day that Dharma, in Hindu, means duty but there is also a thing called the Dharma Wheel than pretty much means Infinite rebirth. I think this could be an indication of a time loop.

There is also a real person named Jeremy Bentham. Although I'm not as familiar with him as the other people mentioned, I do know he had an idea of a unique type of prison where prisoners could be monitored without them knowing. With the sketchy past of most of our Losties could this be what's really going on?

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