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Flight 815 - Season 1 vs. Season 6 by FB is LOST

I havent really developed this theory but i probably wont be back to post it before Tuesday so here goes..

I want to say, among other things, the BIG difference in the ATL is that in this particular timeline Jacob never visits the Losties off-island...

I have only a couple of examples, and they are not SO obvious but im sure more info will support my theory as the season progresses..

Kate - I'm confused about why she has so little concern with the marshal's briefcase in ATL.. i mean if you remember in season 1 she went to GREAT lengths on the island to be reunited with the lil toy plane that was inside..

I mean, c'mon, even before the island she freakin' robbed a bank JUST to retrieve this toy plane from a safe deposit box..

So why did she just leave it in the ladies-room (in Sea. 6) when she CLEARLY had enough time to grab it?

I wanna say because the toy plane is even IN the briefcase...

Now, like i said, Jacob NEVER visits the Losties in THIS timeline..

So he never visits Kate, that means Kate gets caught with the NKOB lunchbox...

If she NEVER gets the lunchbox, then she never buries it (the lunchbox with the toy plane, cassete tape etc) with Tom - which means the marshal never recovers the toy plane - which means Kate never robs the bank (for the plane) - which means the toy plane isnt IN the marshal's briefcase, cuz it never got buried!


Sawyer seemed a lil too friendly on the plane (in Sea. 6) to just have murdered a man and being "kicked out" of Sydney.. Not to mention, we remember how irate he was at the police station.. Considering this, would he have told the Kate's marshal "my bad" when the marshal got snappy w/him? Doubtful

Im gonna say since Jacob never visits young Jimmy (Sawyer) that he never finishes writing that letter.. Ultimately allowing Sawyer (who's name PROBABLY isnt even Sawyer in this new timeline!) to let go of his parents' death.. If so, he never becomes a con-man, therefore he wouldnt even KNOW Hibbs (his ex-partner from the "Tampa Job"), so Hibbs wouldve never told Sawyer about Frank Duckett (the man Sawyer killed in Sydney under false pretenses).

Sun & Jin - notice the are NOT married in Season 6! No rings, and the airport lady calls Sun Ms. Paik instead of Mrs. Kwon...
Im guessing since Jacob wasnt there to give his "blessing" like in Season 5, that Jin and Sun either NEVER married or are currently divorced...

Jack - well this is arguable, but in the ATL Jack is seen clutching his seat after the plane hits turbulence - for more than 5 seconds after it stops, and Rose had to snap him out of it...

Jacob visits Jack on the day he learns to "give fear 5 seconds and that's it" - if Jacob never visits maybe Jack never learns this... That'd be why he was still freaked out on the plane because he didnt let the fear "do its thing"

Hurley and Sayid would've been visited sometime AFTER the crash, so Jacob doesnt DIRECTLY effect them...


what do u think?

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