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Ch-ch-ch-changes by Scott Gingold

Here's my take on why things are different on 815 in the ALT timeline.

Christian's body not on the plane.
The best reason I can come up with for Christian's body being absent is that the timing was off. Instead of Jack identifying his father's body at the morgue earlier, he did it later, which means they got to the airport with just minutes to spare and Christian's body did not make it on the plane in time. For this scenario to have happened, it means Christian died later. If that's the case then, he didn't meet Sawyer in the bar and didn't have anyone to pay for his drinks, so he found another way to die. Also, it seems very likely that Ana Lucia was not in Australia with him because she wasn't on the plane. So if Ana wasn't with him, then he didn't have anybody to stop him when he went to visit Claire so he DID get to see Claire. And if he didn't have the drink with Sawyer that means Sawyer did NOT kill Frank Ducket, because it was due to Christian's words that Sawyer had a change of heart and went through with it. This would explain also why Sawyer seemed more like he'! s old scheming self on the plane, instead of broken down man who just killed someone he wasn't supposed to.

Charlie in the bathroom
In the original timeline Charlie went to the bathroom to use heroin. In this timeline it seems Charlie was deliberately trying to kill himself by swallowing the bag. What would make Charlie want to die in this timeline when he didn't in the other? Well, maybe he didn't save Nadia in this timeline, because Nadia was never in England, so she didn't call him a hero. Missing one of the most important moments in your life, could very well lead you to a path of suicide.

Sun's English
It seems that Sun does not speak English in this timeline which means she did not sleep with Jae Lee and was not planning to leave Jin at the airport. But it does seem like Jin was planning to never go back to Korea, explaining his need for all the cash. He was probably going to pawn the watch as well, explaining why he felt the need to take a second look at it on the plane.

Desmond's Ring
Desmond was wearing wedding ring. But if the island is underwater, then it most likely was sunk by Jughead (explains prsence of the barracks underwater), so then 1977 Widmore died on the island, did not leave the island to have Penny and Penny was never born. So Desmond was probably married to Ruth.

Hurley's Lottery Win
If the island was underwater, then where did Leonard Simms hear the numbers from? Unless he heard them prior to 1977, it's likely that Hurley was always destined to win the lottery, using any number, not just those, but now that he used different numbers, he's lucky.

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