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2 John Lockes & the Loophole by Bloody Rock God

This is a bit of a crackpot theory & I apologize if it’s been touched on before. Its short & sweet but i am meant to be working!!! I believe the reason there are 2 John Locke’s on the island (one laying dead on the beach, the other beating the crap out of Richard) is that one of them is the future version of Locke from the Alt. reality.

Alt. John Locke will eventually, just like our John Locke, hang himself/be strangled by Ben Linus & this is the Locke dead on the beach. The original Locke was claimed/infected/possessed by Smokey after he died in TLADOJB. He may have even been on Ajira 316!!!

Now ive no idea how the alt. Locke could get to the original reality, (I’ll let you guys theorize over that!!!) but it has to be MIBs doing & I think that this is the loophole.

I also believe that in Cabin Fever, the items the young Locke picked out were possessions of MIB originally & that’s why Alpert was so pi**ed.

Thanks for reading, i look forward to being shot down :) now lets get back to those spreadsheets.....

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