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I want to start off by saying this thread MAY contain a possible spoiler. I'm not sure if it constitutes a spoiler or not. If you do not want to know ANY spoilers please do not continue reading.

I say it is a possible spoiler because it relates to the Season 6 poster that was released in July of 2009, so it is old information that ABC obviously wants viewers to see but I think it holds a very important clue about season 6. So if you are the kind of person who wants to avoid posters, images, etc, related to season 6, please do not continue reading.

****You've been warned****

Okay, I want to start this off by saying I have another theory on this site that has received a lot of attention and feedback. If you are not familiar on my theory of how I think Lost may end and why I think the island was underwater, please read it before commenting on this addition to that theory:


The basic premise of this theory is that Jughead did explode but it did not create two timelines. The off-island stuff we are seeing this season is the epilogue of the show, it is how I think Lost ends (I am sure it will be getting updated after tomorrow's episode).

A lot of people have argued with me that they don't like my theory simply because it means all of the character growth we have seen in seasons 1-5 will be lost if there is a real reset. I understand this concern but I would argue that the alternative is that if there isn't a reset, then all of their growth won't mean much anyway if most of them end up dead, anyway. My theory allows the writers to give us a major battle, with lots of high stake deaths, and then - at the same time - give us all of our characters a second chance for redemtion. Like it or not, I think my theory is a best-case scenario. After all, who doesn't like to have their cake and eat it too?

Now, I want to expand on this theory a little more by adding a variable to the equation that I don't think anyone else has commented on related to season 6.... Daniel Faraday.

People who don't like my theory say "There are two timelines, created by Jughead, and they will reconverge later this season. Well, concidering the last time it took nearly two seasons to get 6 of them back to the island when they knew what was going on, I find it very difficult to see how they are going reconstruct the crash again this season and get them ALL back to the island in less than 16 episodes... especially since there is no island to crash on this time and none of them appear to remember anything except (possibly) Jack.

In my theory I made note that Juliet seemed to have a similar experience to Charlotte when she died. Her consciousness appeared to be shifting to a yet unseen time when she talked about getting coffee and going dutch. I believe her mind was shifting to her future self (the one off-island in). I think we will see Juliet asking Sawyer to go for a cup of coffee this season in the off-island flashes.

Now if this is possible, if the off-island scenes are the yet to be created future and end of Lost, who else could have had their consciousness shifted to that period of time?

When we first met Daniel Faraday, his mind was broken. He had been experimenting with time travel in his research. He was crying while watching 815 on TV and, when asked why, said he didn't know. I believe he was being honest here, he didn't understand what was going on.

What if his mind, through his research and experiments, had been shifted to the future, the off-island flashes of season 6? What if he knew someday he would be on an island, that he would time travel, but at the same time he saw a future in which none of that happened. He saw two very different futures. But neither of these futures involved flight 815 at the bottom of the ocean. In both of these futures, he knew flight 815 had survivors. I think that is why it upset him so much to see the plane at the bottom of the ocean... that wasn't supposed to happen.

Faraday, on the island, repeated over and over, that if they drilled into that pocket of energy, it would be catastrophic. He also told Charlotte that he was going to try to negate that energy but he wanted her to leave the island in case it didn't work.

Faraday HAD to convince Jack that they had to drop Jughead into the pocket because that would negate the catastrophy. Having a catastrophy, like sinking the island, was NOT AN OPTION. Why? Because if the island is destroyed in 1977 he would DIE in his mother's womb.

Take a look at the season 6 promotional poster... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RrObyQ3XzcY/SnBcdxxWv6I/AAAAAAAAvjE/CIoWr0Gr_L4/s1600-h/lost.jpg

Notice the very first person you see is none other than Daniel Faraday if you look at it from left to right. I don't think Daniel would be on this poster unless he is important to the final season.

Now why is this important? Because if Jughead did create 2 timelines as others are arguing, Daniel Faraday would be DEAD in both. He was shot by his mother on the island in 1977 so he is dead on the current 2007 on-island timeline. But he would have also died in 1977 while still in his mother's belly if Jughead is what sunk the island!

My theory is that Daniel will be seen off-island this season, and his mind is going to be flashing between the past (what we have already seen) and the present (2004 off-island). I think Faraday is going to play a significant role in season 6 and may also help Jack remember everything so that Jack is able to "fix" his friend's lives. Of course, I could be wrong about Jack being the one who ends up remembering... Desmond Hume is, after all, Daniel's constant.

I think Faraday was doing several things here. First of all, we do not know what he was doing those three years he was in Ann Arbor. All we know is that he was doing research for the Dharma Initiative. I think it is going to be revealed that this is the point in time he figured a lot of this stuff out. We may see Daniel have flashs to this period of time.

He had to neutralize the catastrophy with Jughead or his mother would die while he is still in the womb, thus ending his own existance. At the same time, he knows that the timeline is going to be reset eventually because he has seen that other future...

What he didn't know is how the timeline will get reset, because he won't be there to see how exactly it happens (his mom shot him, remember). I can hear people already saying, "But he didn't know she would shoot him". Yep, that is right. Just like Miles explained to Hurley that they can die in the past because it is their present. Daniel didn't know how and when he would die. He only knew that he would be on the island at certain points in time and he knew that something would happen to reset everything because he saw that other future, as well.

He did know that he had to return to the island. He knew that Jughead had to be detonated in order to save his mother's life. He knew that something was going to happen to reset everything. He just spent so much time looking at the constants, he forgot about the variables... the people. He finally figured it out that the past can be changed and he had to convince Jack and company because he knows they play a part in all of it. I think he told them that Jughead would be the cause because he knew he would need help detonating a hydrogen bomb at the Swan site. He couldn't do it alone. He told Jack that Jughead would cause the reset because that was the only way he could get them to go along with his plan... although he MIGHT have thought that could be the reset.

Remember, he could not know what would cause the reset because he won't there when it happens in any of the scenarios.

Daniel's journal may still play an important role in all of this. If he made notes in it that there is "another" future and includes his research from Ann Arbor in which he postulated how to reset time, thus saving his mother's life and, in turn, his own, then that would mean Eloise Hawking sent her son back in time to save him by undoing her own past. I think that is why she said for the first time in a long time she didn't know what was going to happen next... her whole life is about to get a do over if her son is right.

I guess we'll see tomorrow if any of my theories hold up.


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