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The obvious end-game of LOST is some core struggle between Jacob and the MIB over the island, but the larger secret is that the show is ultimately about whether or not the core 815ers will remember that they were the original ancient rulers of the islands. When and if they do, that will decide the fate of the island, and ultimately, the world.

As we'll go deeper in the temple and other secret areas of the island, someone will eventually stumble across some monuments or statues of the original ancient island gods, and they will have Jack's, Hurley's, Sawyer's, Kate's, etc. faces, because it is them. In this sense I'm using the term "god" as almost the same as "immortal" or "demigod".

The secret word of season 3-4 was "flash forward", hidden in the name of the funeral parlor, Hoffs Drawaler(sp). The secret word hidden in s5 was "reincarnation", hidden on the side of the van that Ben and Jack drove around, "Canton Rainier".

The reason why young Locke has 'memories' of the smoke monster and would recognize something that already belongs to him is because LOST is a story of timeloops that repeat over and over, but only end once, anything else is progress.

I'm not saying it's specific classic reincarnation or rebirth as taught in Hinduism and Buddhism, but a scifi spin on that that is particular to LOST.

We will find out that the core 815ers predate Jacob on the island.

Think of it like a reincarnated pharoah who has returned to Egypt not knowing that they a rightful heirs to their own throne from the past.

Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, etc. have lived this life before and always do, and they forget their previous life-loop. They make the same mistakes over and over and so it always goes the same way. They come, they fight, they corrupt, they destroy.

The reason why none of the core 815ers can die is because then the island's balance and foothold will be un-anchored. And if they never change from their ways, then eventually the world will be destroyed.

The question is, would it be a good or a bad thing to have the island's power taken down, and the core losties to die?

The MIB and Jacob know the core 815ers actually outrank them, but just don't know it. There is a sense of reverence and respect going to them, even if at times it seems they manipulate the 815 survivors. Jacob might be trying to help them realize their ancient destiny, whereas MIB might be trying to make sure they never remember; or could it be vice versa?

One seeks to help them and the island, one seeks to exploit the fact that they don't know who they really are.

There were the Oceanic 6, there are 6 numbers, and there will be 6 monument busts, of the island god's heads.

The question is, would it be a good or a bad thing to have the island's power taken down, and the core losties to die?

Going along with this is the fact that Matthew Fox, Darlton, and now even Jack Bender all say they know what the final image of the show is. The boxset for LOST is now being promoted for a late summer release with an image of something secret being covered under a Dharma blanket. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is that it's the island underneath that blanket. But what if.. its the final image of the series, since its already known? What if its something very shocking and spoilery? Someone suggested its a sideways laying dead Jack. But what if its a monument to the ancient original island gods: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, etc. And thats the final shot as the camera pants to it just before the final credits bow.

I'm not dogmatically holding this, but I think its an interesting idea and definitely would be shocking. Let me know your thoughts, and maybe see if you can find any clues to either support or refute it. :)

I don't know how things like Smokie, ALT realities or Adam and Eve would factor in this, so thats something to consider.

Thanks for reading.

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